Programme journey

reliable true on-the-ground stories
from Syria

EJSM (Ethical Journalism for Syrian Media) is a programme* that has supported the Syrian media sector to emerge from scratch. As a result of the programme, resilient colleagues driven by their aspirations succeeded to institutionalise, professionalise and embrace ethical journalism to provide Syrian citizens with reliable information.

* EJSM is an empowering ‘media round’ capacity building programme that helped ‘emerging media practitioners’ to cultivate critical thinking and agency. That allowed creating a ‘transitional stateless’ independent professional media framework that turned in due time into a bottom-up media peacebuilding programme.

In order to capture the essence of the 5 year programme, we introduce seven personas that tell a story per thematic focus. Each character presents how they went through learning and change. Each story contributes to the overall impact and relevance in supporting the work of Syrian journalists and the Syrian media sector.

While reading these stories it is essential to imagine the context all actors have worked in through the pace of time: one of dreams, of loss, of ideals and frustration, of stress, conflict, violence and pressure from multiple sides, whether at professional, personal or community level.

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Meet Eman and read her story about security ›
Meet Kamal and read his story about professionalisation ›
Meet Fady and read his story about research ›
Meet Nour and read her story about audience ›
Meet Rawan and read her story about learning ›
Meet Bassam and read his story about gender ›

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This project was supported by SIDA 2016 -2021